Innovate With Us


Why INNOVATE with us?

 Even though we have some very talented people and invest a lot in R&D, we cannot do everything ourselves. We are eager to work with external companies and individuals who can bring diverse technology and new ideas to our business and community. Collaboration is part of who we are so we are always looking out for strategic partners who share our Vision for community.

As our clients and partners will testify, we have a knack for thinking outside the box and taking ordinary ideas and concepts, and turning them into awesome services or products.

We can we provide the infrastructure that could see your inventions in daily use around the world, and you will find us straightforward and clear in your interactions with us.

 What are we looking for?

The purpose of the Innovate With Cipher Program (ICP) is to gain access to ideas and innovations that may be of use to Cipher in its quest to impact community with disruptive technologies and solutions. These innovations may or may not be covered by a patent application, a granted patent nor a registered design.

Please note that this program is not intended for customer suggestions on how Cipher can improve its products, or feedback on our current products. If you wish to do this, please send feedback to

Also note that this program is not intended to solicit potential employees. If this is your objective, please send your resume to

If your innovation is not covered by the areas above, but you have a very good reason to believe that it would add major value to our business, then we would still like to hear about it.

How to get started

It is so simple. Just drop us a line by email to and we’ll be happy to get back to you and talk over a hot coffee (or some ice-tea).


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