So what are these “real solutions” we offer, why and how? We believe that “real solutions” must meet the formula below and we deliver based on those characteristics.


In our effort to deliver accessible, quality, and affordable community-centric solutions (what we call “REAL SOLUTIONS”), we’re governed and driven by an ideology of passion, fun, empathy, excellence and disruptive thinking as shown in our mission, vision and core values.

We aim to meet community needs and challenges with disruptive, effective and affordable solutions, and together really enjoy doing it.

A team of passionate innovators using technology to empower and impact the community through creating real solutions.

God Fearing

We believe in a supreme power above the universe responsible for creation, nature, and all forms of humanity.


We are not an island, we are part of a whole. So we serve as we are served and seek to always serve
the community around us.


We do what is right regardless of the cost. We are morally, legally and mentally accountable to each other our customers, the community around us and to each other.

Team work

Each one of us brings special talent and enthusiasm to the equation that defines who we really are.


We believe in doing our very best and nothing less, always.


There is nothing really new under the sun. We therefore believe the greatest ideas come from simplicity by looking at the ordinary situations from a different perspective, an innovative perspective.