Here’s some of what to expect when you join us


work whenever, wherever

We’d love to see you every day from 9 – 5 but you don’t need to come in. Just get some interwebs and work from wherever you are, no matter the time.


results over rules

We are a result-oriented workplace. We have rules alright, but ultimately, it’s your results that matter.


change the world

You want to change the world? So do we. We’ve big dreams to share about creating the changes we want to see in the world, starting with Africa.


fun! “why so serious?”

We have fun doing what we do. It’s imperative that you work hard, and play hard.


learn & grow

We’ve a culture and passion for learning and sharing knowledge: typically through our #Lunch&Learns, #PairWorking or blunders of epic proportions.


explore & experiment

Experimentation and innovation are core to our vision. We encourage you to try our new things, break a few things and learn. Could be through personal, fun or commercial projects/ideas.